GCSE exam qualifications in English and maths is required for University and other establishments as well as most employers. If you didn’t successfully gain GCSE qualifications GCSE equivalent qualifications are accepted by Universities and they have increased in popularity.

Functional skills and GCSE equivalency tests provide exams in maths, English and science. These two qualifications are the main two GCSE equivalent qualifications. Functional skills have different levels that you have to go through. The levels are entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and the last one which is the level you need for the GCSE equivalent qualifications is level 2. The functional skills course is funded by the government and is taken in college if you are 19 years and under. But if you don’t fit this criteria then you have to apply for the course yourself and you don’t get help with funding. If you are planning on applying or you are looking at teacher training courses, GCSE equivalency tests are the best GCSE equivalent qualification for you. MME is a service that can help you if you have any questions about either of these qualifications.

GCSE exams are the gold standard but if you didn’t successfully achieve them then functional skills is a good option for a GCSE equivalent since you can take the exam whenever you are ready compared to GCSE exams where there are only two points in the year that they can be taken. However, there are other GCSE equivalent qualifications such as NVQs and BTECs but they aren’t as popular. Newcastle Tutor Company offers sessions for people who are taking GCSE or GCSE equivalent exams to prepare them beforehand. MME is a company that offers revision materials for GCSE and equivalent exams, they can also arrange for you to sit your exam at your local testing centre or book an online functional skills exam.