A GCSE equivalency test is accepted by employers and universities. Newcastle Tutor Company helps prepare people who are sitting a GCSE maths equivalency test. MME is a service that helps provide revision resources and help with booking the exam. They provide exams in all three core subjects (maths, science and English).

If you require a GCSE equivalent qualification in maths, English or science for courses such as nursing and teacher training then equivalency tests are better than the standard GCSE exam since you aren’t restricted on when you can take the tests and they have less content in the tests. The government sorts out what curriculum the exam boards have to follow and the equivalency test reflects it.

Exam Booking

If you contact MME, they can provide you further information about the exam and book it for you. But if you want to book the maths GCSE equivalency test online, then you can.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers

The maths equivalency test practice papers are useful since the mock papers help understand exam style questions and the mark scheme will help understand what answer if required for the question. Royal Mail will deliver the parcel that has the mock paper and mark scheme in and we would prefer you to sit the paper before checking the mark scheme.