Newcastle tutor company has become a prominent tuition company in Newcastle providing a tutoring service for maths english and science related subjects, we pride ourselves in the calibre of tutors we employ. Our teachers are highly qualified with a specialism in the subject they are teaching, Our aim is to support students who have not received the grade they require for work or further education and support them ensuring they achieve the highest possible grade during exams, the same focus goes into our functional skills maths exams 


Functional skills maths is taken by people have not achieved a GCSE level grade at school, this can be for several reasons.This qualification is a highly valued by employers looking to recruit people because it proves learners have the ability to apply their skills in everyday life and ca be transferred into the workplace, this qualification is also what universities and apprenticeships look for when accepting students. 

The functional skills revision cards  give learners an in-depth explanation on how to do each question type, whilst engaging learners making sure the revision material is being memorized. With each card comes a question on the back further testing learners ensuring the they have a solid understanding of the subject topic before moving on, also included are bar codes than can be scanned by phone giving the learners more tips and tricks making this an essential tool for all learners to have when preparing for their maths exams.