A qualification that you can receive is the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 qualification. This qualification is a GCSE Equivalent Qualification and is designed for people that lack a Grade C/Level 4 in GCSE Maths and require it for a job or higher education.


The exam that MME offers and we provide one to one tutoring in is the online functional skills exam. This exam isn’t taken in a testing center, it will be sat in your house via a link. You will need a device that has a webcam such as a computer or laptop. Ofqual have approved invigilators that will send the link for the exam and it takes 2 hours. With MME you can sit the exam within 5 working days and you can sit it during any day but Sunday. The way you receive your results is by email with 16 working days and the certificate takes longer. On average, 50 to 60 hours needs to be spent revising before taking the exam.


MME is the cheapest provider with the price starting at £225 for the whole course which includes the accredited Functional Skills Level 2 Maths Online Exam which is a GCSE Equivalent qualification, materials for this exam and Functional skills Maths Level 2 practice papers. The Functional Skills Maths Level 2 past papers that MME offer on their website is for multiple exam boards and mock exams. The past papers have model solutions to help show you what sort of answer is needed.


The mock exam for the exam board OpenAwards has been approved by the government and MME provides you access to them on their website. Also MME has produced Functional skills Maths Level 2 practice papers to help you when revising and they have practice papers for City and Guilds, Edexcel, and many more.


Sometimes you are successful on your first go, if you weren’t then MME can help you. They can help you with extra support and a discount for the exam, costing you £175 for the resit.


You can find more information on the Level 2 Maths Functional Skills exam on MME’s site or contact them on 020 3633 5145 to speak to them. They can help you with your booking or resources that you need.