Functional Skills Level 2

Welcome to the Skipton Tutors functional skills page. Here you will find all the information you require about functional skills from entry level 1 all the way up to level 2. You can also look to book a functional skills tutor through this service. We have dedicated English and functional skills maths level 2 tutors who have exceptional pass rates. Like all of our tutors, our functional skills team are qualified, experienced and here to help you pass! 

The Levels

There are different awarding bodies for the functional skills maths and English qualifications. The two largest exam boards by quite a way are edexcel and City and Guilds. The City and Guilds functional skills level 2 qualifications are the most popular with hundreds of thousands of people a year taking them. What learners must remember is that all the major exam boards use the same curriculum set by the UK government, so there is no real difference in which exam board you use to complete your qualification. However there are a number of different functional skills courses to consider that offer different features and pricing plans. 

The following frequently asked questions are those that Skipton Tutors have collected over the years we have supported people for the functional skills qualifications.

You can access the level 2 exams from the following pages:
Functional skills maths level 2 online exam
Functional skills English level online exam


Can you describe what a functional skills qualification is?
If you are looking for a GCSE equivalent qualification then functional skills is one of them that you can achieve to apply for higher education courses.

What is the difference between functional skills and GCSE?
Functional skills have less content compared to the GCSE exams and functional skills questions are more relatable since they are day to day scenarios.

Is GCSE exam harder than the functional skills exam?
This depends on the individual learner and what they find easy. If you find questions that you can relate to easier then the functional skills are better suited to you.

How long will it take someone to complete the functional skills qualification?
Newcastle Tutor Company creates programmers for each learner and we look at the learners background such as what knowledge they already have, to know how long it will take you.

Will employers accept the level 2 functional skills qualification?
This qualification at level 2 is a GCSE equivalent therefore employers will accept it, yes.

What mark do I need to pass the functional skills exams?
The pass mark isn’t a set mark, it is always changing depending on the difficulty of the paper but it is around 50-60%.

Can I get a free functional skills exam or is there any funding for the exam?
The government has funding for some of the functional skills courses but if you don’t meet the requirements such as being over 19, then you won’t get funding for the functional skills course. There are some apprenticeships programmes that offer funding but if you aren’t successful then MME is the cheapest provider out there. They can offer you the online English functional skills exams.

Can I take an online maths functional skills level 2 exam?
There is an online functional skills maths level 2 exams that you can take and MME also provides this exam as well.

Additional Support

If you still have any questions that need answering that were not included in the FAQs, or simply want to discuss related topics with other learners, then feel free to visit the Functional Skills Support Group on Facebook. Here, like-minded students and tutors collaborate and share ideas in order to support each other pass their Functional Skills exams.

If you are looking to take a Functional Skills exam, but would like to sit with a different provider, we can also recommend Pass Functional Skills for their outstanding service.