GCSE Science tuition in Newcastle

GCSE Science has undergone a number of changes to the exam structure with first exams in 2018. Current year 11’s that are sitting Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately will have 9 exams, each lasting an hour, resulting in 3 GCSE’s in the separate Science subjects. The current syllabus also includes a 10% coursework element that is no longer in the new syllabus. The new combined Science which results in 2 general Science GCSE’s is composed of 4 exams, and the new separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE’s now have 2 exams each totalling 6 in all. All new GCSE Science examinations are terminally assessed.
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A Level Biology tuition in Newcastle

A level Biology consists of cellular topics such as organelles, DNA replication and translation as well as whole organism topics such as succession and ecology. Some students select A level Biology as they found it very interesting at GCSE but often misjudge the jump in difficulty and complexity. Biology tuition can be a great way to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A level. Newcastle Tutor Company has knowledgeable and  experienced A level Biology tutors providing expert one to one Biology tuition in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. If you are considering booking an A level Biology tutor in Newcastle, contact Newcastle Tutor Company Now!

A Level Chemistry tuition in Newcastle

From organic Chemistry to the intricacies of the periodic table, A level Chemistry is certainly a challenging subject. At Newcastle Tutor Company we have enthusiastic A level Chemistry tutors that love the subject and are passionate about making a difference to our pupils. Contact Newcastle Tutor Company if you are thinking about booking an A level Chemistry tutor in Newcastle while preparing for your A Level Chemistry exam, or would like more information about the tuition services we provide.

A Level Physics tuition in Newcastle

Newcastle Tutor Company have a selection of exceptional A level Physics tutors in Newcastle. A level Physics is a mixture of complex theory with things like particle physics and tricky maths problems in mechanics. Our A level Physics tutors have seen every type of Physic question that has come up on the Physics exams and they are well practised in tuition for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.

GCSE Sciences, A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics Revision Resources

Maths and Science Revision Resources

If you are a student looking for GCSE Science revision materials or you may be a Science tutor looking for GCSE Biology worksheets, either way Maths Made Easy can help.