If you require a GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualification for University or employment then functional skills is a qualification you can take. City & Guilds functional skills exam board provides IT, English and Maths exams to help you in your next career step. The exam board is one of the biggest providers and the exams have been regulated by Ofqual which means that the qualification has been approved by the UK government. Even though Ofqual has regulated the exams and the UK government has approved it, not all course providers accept it such as teacher training courses.

Newcastle Tutor Company can help with revision during one to one sessions. If you are struggling with applying the knowledge you already have to exam style questions or you need help increasing your knowledge in certain topics, Newcastle Tutor Company can help you overcome these before your City & Guilds functional skills exam. If you want to take the City & Guilds functional skills exam online in your home comforts then you can book your exam via the MME functional skills service. However, if you would rather sit the exam at your local testing centre then that can also be arranged. MME also has City & Guilds practice papers and other materials that will help prepare you for your functional skills exam. Contact MME today and get more details about the functional skills exam.