Newcastle Tutor Company looks to support all of our students and learners with their study materials and resources. Our most requested subject area is GCSE Maths. So we have created and developed a large range of resources that we recommend for your own personal use to prepare alongside using with us.

Our partner company, MME offers a range of revision resources however the one we highly recommend starting with is their GCSE Maths Revision Guide.

The MME revision guide for GCSE maths has been designed with the help of tutors that go alongside all the major exam boards in the UK e.g AQA, OCR & Edexcel. And cover every topic that you could dream of appearing on your exam! MME have spent time to ensure that their GCSE Maths Revision Guide is organised by topic so that as you are reading, learning and understanding; it is in a logical way so that you can completely understand the prior topic before moving onto the next which requires those skills.

After the students have gained a clearer understanding of the topics using the GCSE maths revision guide, they can start to progress their learning and revision and make things like revision cards or create their own condensed version of notes. MME is also offering exam practice papers and revision cards if you felt as if you needed more materials.

We’re also always available here at Newcastle Tutor Company, to assist you in any concerns or queries you may have about your upcoming exams.