Newcastle Tutor Company have begun to work with A Star Equivalency Testing. This means that we are now offering GCSE Equivalency Testing in a range of subject areas including: Maths, English, Combined Science and Biology. By being a majorly recognised equivalency exam provider, A Star Equivalency brings you these courses in order to help learners of any given age to gain access onto their chosen courses such as nursing programmes and teacher training programmes.

Our tutors here are specialised in GCSE Equivalency testing and strive to provide you with the best help and support throughout your course and exam process. Each subject closely follows the UK National GCSE Curriculum, however it does have a few minor differences in order to make it more accessible for our learners who may not have been in the education system for a while.

In order to ensure you are in the best place possible to sit your exams, we are delighted to offer you revision guides as well as flashcards and mock exams so that you will be prepared in every way you could imagine. You will then sit your exam in the comfort of your own home online whilst being invigilated as if it were in an exam hall.

But, if you still don’t feel ready, we have a team of readily available and fully qualified tutors here at the Newcastle Tutor Company to ensure you are as confident as possible!